Smart, Cost-Effective, & Responsive

I used Matt for my divorce and custody battle last year. After being served with an order or protection, I lost all legal rights to my children. I was unable to contact my kids in any way for over 6 weeks. Through his knowledge and experience, he was able to guide me through this process. Throughout the whole ordeal, everything went as he predicted. It was quite obvious that he knew the situations and outcomes to every circumstance that was brought up. My case was not a pretty one. I had to deal with a court system that allows perjury and that is extremely sexist. Matt understood that. The case was long, nasty, and expensive. Matt did everything he could to make sure that his services were as cost-effective as possible. I greatly appreciated that. After dealing with several other attorneys I realize how cheap Matt has made this process. Looking back, I don’t think Matt wasted any time or effort in order to drive up his fees. I also appreciated his response time. Matt almost always returns calls or answers emails in the same day. It was very easy to communicate clearly and effectively with him.

To sum up my situation and experience. I was labeled an abusive father and husband in the eyes of the court. My order of protection was dropped without a trial. We were assigned a G.A.L. (a neutral attorney for the children). After proving all the allegations were nothing more than lies and manipulations, I was awarded 50/50 custody of my children again. The divorce was finalized without a trial, saving me a ton of money.

I highly recommend Matt.

-Trent P.

I'd Hire Him Again

Anybody needing a great lawyer I recommend Mr. Miller. He was very knowledgeable and helped me through a rough time in my life with my divorce. Always got back with me promptly and he was at my court hearing early. I would recommend him to family and friends and if I need lawyer in the future I will hire Mr. Miller again.


Matt looked out for the best interest for me and my children.

I used Matt for a Divorce in 2017. Matt looked out for the best interest for me and my children. Matt is driven and intelligent and takes the time to know his clients. I highly recommend hiring him if needed.

-Heather Walter

Very Helpful!

Mr. Miller listened carefully, explained options and was extremely responsive to our family’s needs. Within five days the issue was resolved.

-Speeding Ticket Client

I Would Definitely Recommend Him to Others

Mr. Miller represented me on a traffic matter. He was extremely professional, knowledgeable and kind. Mr. Miller was very familiar with the court process, resolved my case quickly and achieved the best result possible. I appreciated the respect that I received from him and the amount of care that went into my situation. I would definitely recommend him to others.

-Speeding Ticket Client

Great Attorney

Mr. Miller was very professional, caring and understanding to our situation. He took the time to explain the whole process that we were going through and helped us take care of everything we needed too. I would highly recommend him to anyone. If you are seeking a Great Attorney, you can’t go wrong with Mr. Miller.


Highly Recommend Matt Miller!

Matt handled my case with the utmost professionalism and I would highly recommend his services. Everything concerning my case was reported to me promptly and the result was better than what I had envisioned as my best case scenario. During one of the worst situations I have found myself in Matt was knowledgeable, honest about the possible outcomes, and very reassuring. It put my mind at ease (as much as it could be) to know he was working diligently to represent me and as I said before, the outcome exceeded my expectations! If you need an attorney, Matt should be at the top of your list.

-DUI Client

Good Experience

Matt was well organized and responsive. He was able to take care of my matter quickly and competently.

-Speeding Ticket Client

Excellent Representation

Mr. Miller took my case and immediately went to work, and negotiated a fair settlement. He was very nonjudgmental when learning the details of my charges, and resolved the matter much better than I expected. I would definitely recommend Mr. Miller, and return to him if necessary.


An Invaluable Ally

I was charged with a crime and was looking for competent and enthusiastic representation to ensure my case was handled correctly and quickly. I inquired about representation from Mr. Miller’s website and was immediately contacted to set up a consultation to discuss the details of my case. After consulting Mr. Miller I knew I had someone that was going to work for me to do all things necessary for my situation’s best resolution. I’d like to commend him for keeping contact with me, and ensuring I was informed on all strategies and updates that were pertinent to my case. Mr. Miller’s effort and actions made things much easier knowing I wasn’t facing this alone and finally, he was able to get my charges dropped and allow me to put this behind me! I would highly recommend Matthew Miller as he is an invaluable ally in serious legal circumstances. I don’t like to think about what the outcome could have been without him.

-Criminal Defense Client

Very Personable & Sympathetic

Our case originally involved assault/battery, resisting arrest, and disorderly conduct. However, Mr. Miller was able to reduce the charges to a Class C misdemeanor disorderly conduct charge with court supervision for 6 months (in other words, after 6 months the charges will be completely dropped). As a CPA currently in public practice and previously as a bank vice president, I have worked with numerous attorneys in a professional capacity for the past 30 years. First, I found Mr. Miller to be extremely knowledgeable. In addition, he returned phone calls and e-mails quicker than I could have reasonably expected. I am certain that Mr. Miller had many other cases at the time ours was in process; however, he made us feel as though we were his only client. I found Mr. Miller to be very personable and sympathetic to our case. We felt immediately that he was on our side and would do whatever he could to resolve the case. And, he did. We were very pleased with the outcome. Choosing an attorney is obviously a difficult decision. I can honestly say, though, that Mr. Miller would be my personal choice again without hesitation.

-Client Facing Multiple Charges

Smooth Sailing

I could not imagine my case could have gone any smoother. Matt was gracious enough to meet on a Sunday and kept me up to date every step of the way, including a friendly reminder about my court date. The day of my appearance, he had prepared all of the appropriate paperwork and ensured that I was not only first in line but first out the door. Would absolutely contact him again if I needed to. Recommend with absolutely NO reservations.


Hire Matt ASAP

I was charged with a class 2 felony because of a lapse in my normal judgment. Matt was able to get all charges down to a misdemeanor charge. Thank you Matt! I would highly recommend Matt, the key to success is hire him asap.


Wonderful Experience

C. Matthew “Matt” Miller is a competent, aggressive, totally professional attorney who led me step-by-step through a legal process, and it ended up with a great and satisfying result. I interviewed some other lawyers and they were dismal, sloppy, and not inspiring. One of them seemed to be opposed to me on the side of my accuser. Matt shined brightly compared to these other, well known and heavily advertised inept jokers. He got things done, fast, and accompanied me, walking me to each station at the courthouse, helping me fill out forms, increasing my confidence in him with each event. I asked for extra business cards so I can recommend him with others when they need legal representation. Customer service is so horrible in most companies and professional service. Matt Miller is one in a million. Thanks brother, for treating me like gold. Much appreciated!


Worth His Weight in Gold

Matt was able to get all charges dropped for our son in a marijuana possession arrest. We are living in Singapore and he was always available at a time that was convenient for all of us. His professionalism and his communication are “over the top.” I can’t say enough!

-Marijuana Possession Client

Couldn't Be Happier

My parents and I first came in contact with Mr. Miller a few months ago (May of 2012). Being unfamiliar with how the entire process goes within the system when an arrest is made, my parents had contacted Mr. Miller for some legal advice due to a very poor decision I had made which resulted in my arrest (two felony charges; possession of a controlled substance and intent to deliver). Speaking on my parent’s behalf, they had said that in comparison to the few other lawyers they had spoken to, Mr. Miller was very professional, straightforward, and very knowledgeable about the situation I had gotten myself into. I am extremely pleased that Mr. Miller was the one who had helped my family and I get through the situation at hand.

Throughout the entire process Mr. Miller kept us informed and up to date about what was going on, what could happen, and what was most likely going to happen. Mr. Miller is very professional, understanding, non-judgmental, and very knowledgeable about the criminal justice system. I appreciated that whenever speaking to him about my legal situation, he knew my case, another major factor which stands out was that he was pretty much always available to speak to when trying to get in contact with him and if for some reason I was unable to get a hold of him, he always returned phone calls back right away and also responded to e-mails quickly, he never kept me waiting for a reply! I couldn’t be happier with the outcome of my case, which resulted in both of my charges being completely dropped. Thank you Mr. Miller!

-Felony Charges Client

Mr. Miller took all my stress away!

I had never needed a lawyer before so I was unsure what to expect. Due to multiple traffic violations, the judge denied me the use of a public defender. I hired Mr. Miller and he was able to consolidate multiple court dates for me to save me time and hassle! All my cases were resolved swiftly and painlessly. I no longer had to worry with Mr. Miller representing me. I recommend him 100% and am incredibly pleased with the outcome!


Matthew Miller is an All Star!!!

I contacted Matthew Miller after I was arrested in Peoria County in May 2014 for possession of 2 ounces of marijuana. I had never been in trouble like that before and I was very scared that I was going to go to Jail or have years of probation, putting my life on hold. Mr. Miller was incredibly responsive. He always contacted immediately whenever there was new information about my case. Matthew went out of his way for me. After helping me get my car back he was able to convince the prosecutor to drop the felony charge I had to a misdemeanor because the money I was paying to the county for my car was punishment enough. Not only that but he was able to get me in front of the judge right away on my court date. Even before the judge presented himself to the rest of the court room. I spent a total of one and a half hours which included paying my court fines and reporting to probation for my court supervision information. I really could not have asked for a better person to represent me. Matthew Miller truly helped me and never judged me as a person, he even stated he was happy to help good people like me. Matthew is my new hero and I encourage anybody who just made a mistake like I did to seek him out for help and support with their case.


Excellent service!

I recommend Matt Miller. He was friendly, courteous, and had extensive knowledge in the type of case I had. I always felt heard, and always understood what was going on. I would definitely recommend him to others. He not only has the qualifications but many connections within the court system.



Mr. Miller got my violating a order of protection dropped !!!… I am not kidding. My wife totally lied to the cops on Tuesday, I got arrested on Saturday, got released on Monday, and by Wednesday the state’s attorney agreed to not prosecute provided nothing else happened. I can’t say enough about Mr. Miller. He is the kind of lawyer that gives you advice on what you can do to help yourself. He even gave me advice on how to deal with my divorce and supervised visits with my kids even though he is only my criminal defense lawyer. Charles Mathew Miller is a great human being that is kindhearted and a real humanitarian. I swear if you need a criminal defense attorney and want to actually be represented and not just ran through the system, Mr. Miller is your best bet. Someday I expect Mr. Miller will charge a lot for his services but now he is building a reputation and is a great value as well.


Matt Has All the Answers

Matt was always willing to answer my questions (and believe me there were a lot!). When responding, he was concise, insightful, and would provide answers to questions I didn’t even know I had. When working on my case he always made me feel as though he was giving me the “inside story.” He negotiated a great deal for me with a very stubborn states attorney.


Mr. Miller Is a Miracle Worker

After getting arrested for DUI in October of 2014, I immediately began looking for counsel. Being from the Peoria area, I was recommended to seek out Stephen Bush, a DUI attorney in the area. After calling Mr. Bush and setting an appointment to speak with him, I arrived at his office only to see him in passing and then for him to give my case to one of his much younger associates. The younger gentleman told me there was little he could do, but I may be able to get court supervision. I left that office feeling disgruntled and very much like the evening of the DUI arrest, like a second class citizen. I immediately began searching the internet for other options, and called three different attorneys. The only one who would meet after 5:00 PM was Matt. Mr. Miller went over my case and stated that not only did he think I could get court supervision, but he believed he could get the entire case dropped and the arrest off of my record. He immediately filed a motion to rescind/quash arrest. At that point, we had two options, we could go forward with the current judge or we could wait until January when, he believed, a much fairer judge would hear our case. We opted to wait. Mr. Miller came to court prepared with “case law” and questions for the arresting police officer. After the hearing, we had to wait a week for the ruling, but Matt assured me the hearing went well. At the ruling, the judge granted our motion to rescind/quash arrest. I lost my license for a total of four weeks; I was supposed to lose it for a minimum of a year. An arrest that would have followed me around for my entire life, is now completely off of my record. To say I would sincerely and confidently refer people to Mr. Miller is an understatement.


Got the Job Done & Then Some!

I live out of town and it would have been such an inconvenience had I not found Miller. One of the most personable straight forward lawyers out there. He gets the job done and then some!


No Hidden Fees & He Went Above & Beyond

I faced multiple felony charges in central Illinois. Matt Miller took his time listening to every detail of my case. He suggested not only the best course of action, but brainstormed with me on what extraneous information he might be able to get to help my case. He went back and forth with the prosecution many times, using every negotiation tactic I could think of and some I hadn’t. He used his contacts and acquaintances to my benefit, only charged me a fixed upfront fee for the entire case no matter how complicated it became. There were no hidden fees anywhere despite the fact the he obviously went above and beyond for me. In the end, I settled for better than I could have hoped. Don’t use anyone else to handle your case.

-Felony Charges Client

Matt Kept Me Out of Jail

I had unfortunately gotten a DUI in 2014. I was going through a hard phase in my life. I received a PTR (Petition To Revoke) in January, 2015. Not a way to start my NEW YEAR off! I of course was SEVERELY STRESSED!!! I had help from Mr. Miller in the past. As I was figuring out what to do.. I decided to contact Mr. Miller. Which I should of done in the first place. So, I called Mr. Miller’s office to make an appointment and when I called, the help in the office was just as as polite and understanding as Mr. Miller. When I arrived, Mr. Miller already had all of my information ready and knew what was going on and MORE!! That’s very IMPRESSIVE!! He is polite, down to earth, reliable, fair and no false information and most of all TRUSTWORTHY!!! To me those are big shoes to fill!! Mr. Miller kept me informed by phone calls and letters. Informing me what was going on. The day of my court date, Mr. Miller was already there. Matt had called me and informed me that court was being held in a different court room. When I arrived he was already waiting there for me. Mr. Miller is very prompt and informed again what was going on and how he was going to resolve the PTR on my DUI. Mr. Miller kept his word and kept me out of jail!! I would highly recommend him to ANYONE!!! Mr. Miller is a Great person and an Excellent attorney!! A MUST HIRE FOR SURE!!

-DUI Client

Best Lawyer I've Ever Worked With

Mr Miller is by far the best lawyer I have had the pleasure of working with. He and his staff were very accommodating, very professional, extremely knowledgeable, and we had the best outcome we could possibly ask for. He comes with my highest recommendation. He and his staff made it a pleasure to deal with and I was as happy as I could be!! They were so organized and detailed, explained everything, and he was very very well prepared!! I will use him again in the future!!!


Amazing Attorney

I was charged with a class 4 felony when unlawfully searched. I called Mr. Miller and he had the case dropped within 2 months. He promptly returned my calls and answered all of my questions thoroughly.

-Criminal Defense Client

Summer Camp Solutions

Summer Camp 2015 was a bummer for me until I had a consultation with Mr. Miller. I was looking at a class 1 and a class 3 dealing and possession charge and was looking at a LOT of time in prison. Mr. Miller presented me with a possible solution that was not only potentially the best possible outcome I could imagine, it was a fraction of the cost of any other attorney quoted me. Needless to say Mr. Miller delivered exactly as we hoped for and I couldn’t have been more pleased with his services. Thank you again :)))


Eased My Mind & Saved My Job!

I was facing my second DUI arrest in 2 yrs. The prosecution had me up for some pretty substantial charges and punishment. Mr. Miller walked me though with ease every step of the way. We were in and out of the court dates in less than 20 minutes, gave me a good plan of action to work on before my hearing. He answered all my phone calls and emails promptly. He treated me with respect and dignity. I came out with a lower than expected fine, NO JAIL time, and he got a couple charges dismissed. Mr. Miller helped me save my job, eased my mind in a very stressful time. Money well spent! I highly recommend Mr. Miller!!!!


Mr. Miller is Fair, Honest and Has a True Passion

I hired Mr. Miller to represent me in my divorce and I am so thankful I did! He was extremely knowledgeable, easily approachable and always accessible. I researched several different attorneys and when I met with Mr. Miller I was immediately comfortable and felt a tremendous sense of security in his abilities. If you are reading this and looking for an attorney who will always look out for your best interest and who is willing to actually listen to your needs and understands your worries and concerns ….. look no further! Mr. Miller is the attorney for you! I walked into his office with tears in my eyes and was scared about the process of a divorce. I hired him that day and left his office feeling that I had been heard and feeling a sense of confidence for the first time in a long time. Mr. Miller is fair, honest and has a true passion for what he does. The most important thing to me in all of this was that he did not make me feel like I was just another “case.” He took the time to explain everything to me and answered ALL of my questions. I highly recommend Mr. Miller and cannot thank him enough for representing me through this difficult time and providing me with positive outcomes!

-Divorce Client

Mr. Miller Made the Impossible Possible

Mr. Miller made the impossible possible. I hired him to represent my daughter who had violated her first offenders probation. I was told by several attorneys that the county she was in does not give second chances and that she would be incarcerated and therefore be a convicted felon. Mr. Miller argued on her behalf as to why she should be given a second chance. To me, his plea was heartfelt and emotional. In the end it must have been to the judge as well because my daughter is sitting here with me as I write this review. I would recommend to anyone reading this, if you are looking for a lawyer who actually cares about the outcome of your case and is going to put in and give 110%, then you are looking for Charles Mathew Miller.


So Thankful to Have Found Matt!

Unfortunately I had to hire an attorney but am SO thankful to have found Matt! He was extremely attentive to my case and treated me as family! He was very reliable and always responded to messages in a very timely manner. His staff is very friendly and professional as well! Got everything I wanted from my case and it's all because of Matt. Hoping I never have to have another attorney but if I do, you can bet he will be my first call!! Obviously I highly recommend!

-Brittany Steidinger

Biggest Reason Why I Got Custody of My Children

Miller Law Offices was extremely attentive to my case. He always responded in a timely fashion and did an amazing job as a lawyer. Biggest reason why I got custody of my children. Thank you Matt Miller. …

-Wt Franklin